07:36 /April 23, 2021

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is happening rapidly and extensively in all aspects of economic and social life. During that revolution, the phrase "digital transformation" was mentioned more often as a mandatory trend to succeed with many businesses. For a high-tech business like Techgel, Digital Transformation is essential and indispensable to maintain and strengthen its position in the marketplace.

The unit's initial focus was to establish a hinged “structure” for Techgel to enter a new era of technology, so Digital Transformation needs to be operated independently - but not in isolation against day-to-day operations of the entire company. The result of Digital Transformation - while can be used as a completely new business channel - has not been the company's strength and focus since its inception. Therefore, the best way for Techgel to keep up with Digital Transformation is to combine the results of research and development activities with proven legacy expertise in engineering technology for current leading business segments, such as: power plants, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, ...), infrastructure, airports, ports, industrial plants, automation, technological lines.

Henceforth, the purpose of Digital Transformation is to assist Techgel in setting the following goals:

- Reducing the dependence of Engineering and Technology Division on human resources and manual tasks, bringing machines and robots to set up an innovative closed-loop system.

- Diversifying the types of services that Techgel can provide to customers; avoid any unexpected major events such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

- Restructuring the management apparatus and general personnel of the entire company to suit the needs of Digital Transformation, so that daily operations and decisions are made compatible with rapid technological changes.

The digital transformation journey is an inevitable trend, it can be a big step in the overall development of Techgel, but it is also a long journey with countless challenges. To be successful on that transformation journey, all departments and employees of the company need to prepare attentive equipment and consensus in the transformation. Believe that with the will and determination of the Board of Directors of the company and all employees, Techgel will implement a successful Digital Transformation in the future.


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