09:03 /June 01, 2021

Through the operation process, TECHGEL has continuously developed in terms of science and technology with complexity and scale, improving management capacity, especially project management ... to become a professional company implementing the field. high-tech science and technology: technology, renewable energy, high-end electromechanical and auxiliary (such as airports, harbors, metro, hospitals, international schools, hotels, resorts, resorts, etc.) complex, ...). Continuous development with an average annual growth rate of 50% in both quantity and quality of products bearing high technology and complexity for both domestic and international markets.

With experience in the fields of power plants, renewable energy, and production lines for many years, TECHGEL is well aware that for a factory (wind power, solar power, industrial plant), production line operating with the highest efficiency, stabilizing quality, prolonging the service life is always in need of Operation, Guarantee and Maintenance Department.

Determining the importance of operating in accordance with standard process systems, inspecting, maintaining and maintaining machinery and equipment in accordance with specified standards. The Operation, Guarantee and Maintenance Department is born to make the operation of the renewable energy plant and the enterprise's technical systems safer, ensuring maximum efficiency and is a reasonable choice. , of course in this moment.Stemming from that reason, the Operation, Guarantee and Maintenance Department has been created to help the operation of the Renewable Energy Plant and the enterprise's technical systems to be become more safety, ensuring maximum efficiencyand be a reasonable choice, inevitable in the current time.

Now and in the future, renewable energy projects are being developed fast on Vietnam and TECHGEL is becoming a big contractor in this field. Therefore, TECHGEL orientates to do operation, warranty, maintenance for projects that contracted by TECHGEL and other projects mainly in renewable energy And other fields. In the future, this is a strategy business section that bring turnover and benefit for TECHGEL.

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