11:08 /June 01, 2021

In the bustling atmosphere of the last few days of the Lunar New Year 2020 and to celebrate the oncoming new year, Saigon Technology Joint Stock Company (TECHGEL) has held a year-end ceremony at the company’s Head Office on January 29th, 2021.

Attending the ceremony were Techgel’s Board of Directors, employees, guests, partners and customers with many emotions.

The opening speech was made by Mr. Pham Thanh Dep – the company’s Deputy General Director. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dang Cong Ngon – the company Chairman and General Director has shared the company’s financial and operating results at the end of 2020 and the promising future of Techgel in 2021. The Chairman also thanked all the guests for their attendance; and sent his gratitude and best wishes on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Mr. Pham Thanh Dep - Deputy General Director is speaking in the YEP

The year-end party was an opportunity for all members of Techgel Group to look back on the past year; as well as set goals for the new year to strive for even better results and continue to deliver superior value to our shareholders. During the ceremony, prizes were awarded to highly accomplished individuals who achived excellent results in the past year. A lucky draw game organsied by the company’s staff has also been a highlight of the night.

Along with the general development of TECHGEL GROUP, internal events are also increasingly focused on by the Company. The Ceremony is an opportunity to share and review the activities and events that took place in 2020 of the Company as well as the direction of operation in the coming year. The year 2021 promises that Techgel will continue to reap even more great achievements with its sustainable development strategy.

Mr. Dang Cong Cuong - Head of Human Resources Department read the Decision to reward The outstanding employees in 2020

Mr. Dang Cong Ngon - CEO cum Chairman deducted from personal fund 400,000,0000 VND Donated to TECHGEL companion fund

Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh - General Director awarded the decision to reward and give gifts to The outstanding employees in 2020

Mr. Nguyen Long Tuyen expressed his thoughts

TECHGEL's the Board of Directors opened champagne  to open the party

Saxophonist Tran Dai Nghia plays the song ‘Đón Xuân” to start the show.

Mr. Dang Cong Ngon – CEO cum Chairman also participated in an extremely special entertainment performance.

Besides, the music party with well-invested repertoire brought moments of sublimation and excitement to all attendees. At the same time, the "Lucky draw" program took place with a surprise and excitement with more than 60 gifts of high value that were handed over to lucky people.

The program "Lucky draw" took place with surprise, excitement and many valuable gifts were awarded.


Mr. Pham Thanh Dep - Deputy General Director drew a lottery for the lucky person to receive the first prize of the program.

Mr. Dang Cong Ngon - The Chairman drew a lottery and gave the Special gift of the program.

The party ended with the warm feeling of the day of the meeting, surprisingly refreshing smiles will remain in the hearts of each attendee. The new spring is knocking at the door with so much hope, faith, and new vitality. With that excitement, all TECHGEL employees will be more and more enthusiastic about their work, successfully completing the plan set out in 2021 as well as contributing to the building of a thriving TECHGEL house.

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